The people of Russia have expressed their concern with respect to the health of Putin due to a number of incidents that have come to the notice over the period of time. It was only recently that fell from a stage after he made an announcement at the Air ForceRead More →

A very controversial statement has been issued by the famous Indian actor Naseerudin Shah. In a recent interview he has expressed that despite being a Bollywood celebrity he does not want to be surrounded by the media and the people all the time because he wants to maintain privacy inRead More →

According to the sources, India’s junior men’s hockey team has finally made the country proud by emerging as the winners of the Asian Cup. It was only with the help of their hard work that they were able to win such a prestigious Trophy by defeating Pakistan with a wonderfulRead More →

The anti-narcotics department of Pune has finally been able to recover drugs worth rupees 36 lakhs from a man who was using three mobile phones and 3 cars in order to transport the drugs from one place to another. It is important to note that various kinds of contraband substancesRead More →

According to the latest update from the Indian Meteorological Department, the Northwest region of India is likely to experience heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the next 4 days. According to the latest updates the entire area will be affected by strong winds which will be running at a speed ofRead More →

The minister of external affairs in India has requested the ministers of the United States and the United Kingdom to protect the diplomatic relationships and also respect the relationship between the two countries. It is important to note that the development of the strategic relationship between the two countries hasRead More →

The 28th of May is celebrated as the Menstrual hygiene day every year. This is one of the most important days in the life of women. The students of the Delhi University have taken a very inspiring initiative in order to create awareness among the women and other sections ofRead More →

The central government is all set to launch the latest Agneepath scheme. This is one of the most important schemes for the recruitment of different army men in the Indian Air Force and other security services of India. However, many people have expressed their opinion with respect to the discriminationRead More →