10 Ways to Find Inspiration for New Ideas

Business and creativity are concepts that, it would seem, initially contradict each other. Business is about money, and creativity is about the soul. Of course, there are lucky people who, while doing creative work, also manage to earn a lot of money. And how do they do it? Where to look for inspiration for new projects and unique ideas?

Everyone is looking for inspiration, not just representatives of the creative business. It’s just how a person works: over time, everything starts to bother. It is worthwhile to fulfill the cherished dream; after a few years, it ceases to seem such a serious victory. And here the question arises: what to do next? There is nothing permanent in life – everything changes. And we have to change too.

1. Be saturated with beauty

Art is always inspiring – from ballet to an exhibition of photographs. Do not lock yourself in, think wider; be open to what is happening in the world. More often spend time on art, architecture, and music. Walk alone through the halls of the museum, peering curiously at unusual paintings. What was the artist thinking about, in what conditions did he work, what idea did he want to capture on canvas? Take a closer look at the sculptures and imagine: it all started with a huge shapeless stone! Listen to live music performed by a symphony orchestra – it is truly magical and powerful. Among lovers of modern culture, exhibitions are popular today, where images, music, and the latest technologies are combined. And a critical tip: read the classics. Despite the fact that now is the time of visuals.

2. Travel

To prevent your thoughts from crowding, sometimes it is good to travel. Leave for at least a few days in another city or country. This is a tremendous experience, a source of vivid impressions and the best way to combine business with pleasure: take a break from the depressing atmosphere and bad weather, as well as discover new horizons and get acquainted with the culture of other nations. What if we leave for Venice for two days and go to an open-air museum? Visit Florence or Rome? Or maybe go to London? Inspiration will descend on you right on the Thames embankment. And for those who are charged with positive energy, there are also plenty of options: extreme excursions, walks over the abyss, diving with sharks, volcanic surfing, bungee jumping, rafting and much more. There is no way to drop everything and arrange an unscheduled vacation? Review photos and videos: you will surely remember the fondest memories of recent travels in your memory.

3. Dedicate time to thought

Inspiration loves silence. Many classics spent a huge amount of hours alone, sometimes even several months. Create the masterpieces far from noisy cities, in solitude, where no one and nothing will distract you.

4. Be more often in nature

Unfortunately, we have distanced ourselves from nature, especially in large cities and megalopolises. However, we still need the noise of foliage, fog, and refreshing air. We are complex creatures, and it can be challenging to understand what and how it affects us. Nevertheless, it has been proven: nature helps to calm down, slow down the frantic rhythm of thoughts in our heads, and soothe a restless mind. Moral overload and stress – this is what prevents creating.

5. Feel the pursuit of accomplishments

When you get tired from the circumstances, find what may inspire you. When you are ready, to start on new achievements, not only energy but also enthusiasm will surely return. How do you find inspiration? The answer is to look for the sources! These can be new hobbies, music, cinema, or sports. Try not to spend your whole day in pyjamas with cocoa for watching shows on television. This is because it will be tricky to enter the operating mode. As such, you won’t be able to get inspiration in that kind of situation.

6. Make your life better

Rejoice yourself even on gray weekdays, and not just on holidays. Try to order food in your home instead of cooking. This will save you a couple of hours of free time to sleep and rest. Start simplifying your life – this is the first thing that will give you resources for inspiration. Even small but pleasant purchases that improve some aspect of life can help. For example, a fabric softener with a wonderful aroma, a set of new cutlery, and at least a new hairstyle!

7. Have some fun

You can give yourself strength by listing those things you enjoy and plan them for the next week.

8. Set yourself a goal

The goal may relate to work, family, self-improvement or home; it is vital that it sincerely captures you. Look out for what needs to implement it. Get information from those who have already achieved what you want to achieve too, what helped them and much more. Break down the goal into steps necessary to accomplish it.

Helping yourself is easy. The big journey begins with a few steps. Achieving your desired goal is a great task that needs time, time and patience.

9. Set a time to reach your goal

Once you set aside a specific time in the week mainly to work on your project, it organizes your rest of the activity around it. Distinguish between hours of working and not working. Do not work on the weekend. It is useful to ignore work for some days so that you can work more efficiently. Set a clear time frame for work and don’t be distracted by other things. Turn off all notifications on your phone to not be distracted.

10. Rate your achievements

Measure your achievements, while comparing only with your previous work. Try not to compete with others. Always keep imagining how far you have gone. Document it in any way: write in a diary, leave stickers or photos on the door of your refrigerator. Visual evidence of your progress gives faith in success and also enables you to achieve heights in solving complex issues.

There are no unsolvable problems. You will always find solutions to avoid difficulties. There is no one answer on how to get inspired. Try yourself in new areas. Do not be afraid of big tasks and delight yourself with pleasant things.