562 Indians stranded in Sudan were rescued and promised to evacuate all

Recently, big news came from Sudan that due to the ongoing dispute in Sudan, the fighting between the Sudan paramilitary and the army started on April 15 for a coup, in which Sudan itself has suffered a lot of danger and a lot of damage. And in many other countries, citizens have also been harmed a lot, and in this, many Indian people have also been injured. Many Indians lived on that flight but were safe there till now but are not feeling safe there now Because there is a continuous war between Sudan’s army and paramilitary forces to make a coup.

All the citizens are in great danger. Still, it is being told that about 562 Indians have been evacuated from there and have been evacuated through airlift. Still, there are 3 to 4000 Indians stranded there, and they have to be evacuated. The Indian government is continuously engaged in evacuation, and this rebellion has been going on for many days; it is expected to continue in the future. During this war, about 460 people were killed in Sudan, and 4073 of them Were injured. The ceasefire in Sudan will be for 72 hours till April 27 at midnight.

During this, it is a perfect time for all the countries to evacuate their citizens from there, and they only have the opportunity to evacuate. The government of each country would like to evacuate its citizens safely. It has been going on, and this type of fighting has never been seen in Sudan, but at present, this fighting is going on between Sudan’s army and force, and 460 people have been killed, and 4073 people have been injured. WHO the whole world is getting through

There was a stir in Sudan and the people were suffering.

This was a very devastating time in Sudan because the internal war in Sudan had started long ago, and it started on April 15. And this rebellion is going on continuously, and if this rebellion continues like this, Sudan will be destroyed very soon, the people here will be finished, and the people of other countries living there as citizens will also suffer a lot. Will arrive, and Sudan will be destroyed as internal fighting destroys each country.

It is the reason for the destruction of the country, and the government of every country is still engaged in evacuating its citizens from there; the war is calm for some time, and this peace Inside, all the countries would like to evacuate their citizens from there, and all the citizens are being evacuated safely through airlift, some citizens have been evacuated, but many citizens are still trapped there, to evacuate them, the governments of all the countries are constantly working. Trying her hardest and trying everything possible to save them.