A new Vande Bharata Express for Mumbai-Goa route

The Indian Railways have launched a new train route from Mumbai to Goa. The Vande Bharata Express train will run from Goa to Mumbai from June. The journey of the train will commence at the CST station of Mumbai and will end at madgaon. This particular train will be able to reduce the time taken to reach Goa from Mumbai by 45 minutes and the entire journey would be completed in a total period of 7 hours. This train is better than Tejas Express and is equipped with better facilities. The trial of the route has already been conducted. It has been successful so far. The coordinations have already been fixed. According to the internal sources, the details with respect to the schedule of the train and other elements such as pricing are yet to be fixed. A senior official has reported that they plan to fix a morning departure for the train at 5:50 a.m. which will arrive at Goa at around 2:40 p.m.. this is the timing of the Tejas Express for the time being as it seeks to cover 765 kms in this regard.

If this official route is finalised then it will be the fourth Vande Bharata Express that will operate from Mumbai. This train currently runs from Mumbai to Gandhinagar and Mumbai to Shirdi including Mumbai to Solapur. Vande Bharata Express comes with 16 AC coaches and it also includes Executive class coaches. The train has an overall sitting capacity of 1200 passengers. It is equipped with all the high class facilities which make it comfortable for the passengers to travel through the Indian Railways. It has been developed to avoid train collisions. It is powered with the help of 8 motor coaches and an intelligent braking system that accelerates and decelerates the speed to save time and prevent accidents. It is possible for the passengers to recline and rotate the seats at 180 degrees. Every coach has also a screen of 32 inches in order to provide regular information with respect to the destination and the expected time to reach.

This train from Mumbai to Goa will definitely help to improve the connectivity. It will help to reduce the time taken to travel from the financial capital to the ultimate vacation destination. The government is planning to setup two different slots in order to provide a coverage of 24 hours. The Vande Bharata Express is a cost effective option to reach Goa. It will definitely help to increase the satisfaction of the passengers. The entire detail of the route will be available in a span of one month according to the central officers of the Western Railways. It is important to conduct another trial of the train in order to improve the efficiency and reduce the chances of any mishappening.