Actress Ayesha Omar called Pakistan unsafe for women.

No one feels safe inside Pakistan, and hence, the fear and dread that the people of Pakistan have there is always sitting deep in their hearts; meanwhile, one of the very beautiful actresses of Pakistan. She has also given a statement, and she has said that she never considers herself safe inside Pakistan. She always has the fear that she can be kidnapped there at any time, and she can also be raped there at any time. And this kind of fear is there in every woman, whether she is an actress or a common person, in any way she is not ready to live there, and she has not come to any country except Pakistan. Will move in and start living

Pakistan always comes in the category of a very dangerous country. The kind of terrorist activities taking place there have now created a lot of fear among the people there. Terrorist organizations are fully active inside Pakistan. They are not only harming other countries but are also seen harming the people of their own country, and if such acts continue to happen inside Pakistan, then the fear among the people there will increase in the times to come. It will become even more intense, and people, from small children to older adults, will not feel good there. Everyone is afraid that their life can be lost at any time.

Pakistan was seen continuing its actions.

If we talk about terrorist activities, new activities are happening one after the other day by day, due to which people are very worried. Different groups have become completely active there, and these groups are causing harm to the general public. They are seen looting the public, and somehow, people are not allowed to get full employment there, and they are treated very badly there. Many actors and actresses have also given statements about this. Ayesha Umar has commented about this and said that seeing such activities, she doesn’t like to stay there even for a day.

Ayesha Omar has considered herself very unsafe there, and she said that in the past, an incident happened with her there as a child where many people chased her, and thus, after that, there was more fear among them.It creates danger for their family at any time, and the atrocities being committed against women there are increasing day by day. They are growing even more rapidly. Hence, considering Pakistan safe in any form would be the biggest mistake. The government of Pakistan is also unable to do anything about this. The police force here is also not alert at all, and that, too, is constantly being attacked by terrorists. In this way, the rise of a country like Pakistan will be even more difficult because the situation there seems to be worsening.