After two former citizens of the Soviet Union open fire, 11 people are killed at a Russian military facility.

After two former Soviet State citizens start shooting, 11 people are killed at a Russian military facility.

Moscow: According to Russian news sources citing the defence ministry, a terrorist attack on a Russian military training facility in the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, on Saturday resulted in at least 11 fatalities and 15 injuries.

State-run news agencies cited the ministry as saying that two former Soviet nationals who opened fire during training both were killed in retaliatory fire.

According to the defense ministry, On October 15, two citizens of a CIS country perpetrated an act of terror in the training area of the Western Military District in the Belgorod region.

The former Soviet Union states came together to form the Commonwealth of the Independent States or CIS.

The incident, according to the ministry, happened during a volunteer training session for a special military operation in Ukraine.

As a result, 11 individuals suffered fatal injuries. 15 additional persons were transported to hospitals with injuries of varied seriousness news sources reported.

Since the partial mobilization was announced on September 21, more than 200,000 people have been enlisted in the Russian military.

The announcement of the draught led to demonstrations and several attacks on recruitment centers.

The incident takes place amid a rapid mobilization Vladimir Putin ordered to bolster the Russian military in Ukraine. This action sparked protests and forced hundreds of thousands to escape Russia.

Activists and rights groups claimed that military conscription offices were rounding up people without any prior military experience, some of whom were also medically unfit for duty, despite the Russian Only those who had recently served in the military will be called up, according to the president.

Some of the recently recalled reservists shared recordings of how they were handed rusted weapons and made to sleep on the ground or even outside before being transferred to the front lines.

Authorities have admitted that the mobilization was frequently disorganized and made improvements.