Age 13 years but still 58 medals in horse riding

This story is of a resident of Noida, Delhi. The resident’s father told Vedant that whenever his elder daughter used to go to the sliding court early in the morning to learn horse riding, then one day, he took his younger daughter along with her. When his younger daughter Vasi was only three years old, and his elder daughter Avantika used to ride horses, Vasi greatly desired to learn horse riding.

Her father stopped her by saying she was also very young and would fall somewhere and get hurt. Still, it was a huge thing that at that age, children were afraid of animals or ran away from them; this horse riding Wanted to do or sit on top of them, but after repeated refusals by her father, she disagreed. She said that I have to do more riding. Then there was the chairman of the riding court. He accepted her victory and gave her Said horse riding. Then everyone was stunned to see that 3-year-old girl riding and how a child can do horse riding so well at such a young age.

Vasi’s dream of bringing a gold medal to India is a matter of pride for India.

But she was continuously horse riding very well; her father was afraid that she might fall somewhere and her legs might not be broken, but she was doing very well in it, and since then, she has had to start horse riding. Ka Chaska lag gaya continuously started learning horse riding, although she ignored her study and continually corrected her dream. Till now, she has won 58 medals in different forms, and now her goal is to His biggest dream is to bring a gold medal for India in the National Olympics in 2026 and the All-World Olympics.

Although now, she is going to some tournament in Germany, after which she will go to Britain; although she is doing her studies in Britain, she is not interested in studies at all. There is no interest at all, and she wants to bring lots of gold for India only and only in horse riding; she said that when she has won medals outside abroad, other people say they are from India, then I feel very I feel more proud, and I feel like I am doing something for my country. She said I had won about five dozen medals and wanted to bring more gold medals to India from the front. I wake up at 4:00 am and practice continuously to get maximum medals for India.