Amritpal Singh started a mission to use ex-Armymen for arms training

Punjab Police is making a hard effort to catch Amritpal Singh by hook or by crook. It has been days since the pro-Khalistan leader is missing. As per the latest reports, Amritpal Singh and his gang are finding the ex-Army men for arms training. He is searching for those ex-Army men who are tired from their duty due to bad behavior.
Amritpal Singh is on a mission to involve drug addicts and ex-Army men in his gang to form a terrorist organization. This news came from some of the top officials of Punjab state just a few hours back. Punjab Police has issued an alert in every state.
Latest updates on Amritpal Singh
One of the reports revealed many things about Amritpal Singh on Thursday.
• Singh began to make his village drug-free by setting up a center at Jallupur Kehra in Amritsar, Punjab.
• Amritpal Singh plans to form a terrorist organization in Pakistan on the orders of ISI.
• The pro-Khalistani leader has also blackmailed many women with videos and chat messages. He also used to chat with many girls but did not commit to a long-term relationship.
• 16 private security officers protect Amritpal Singh as of today
• Singh targeted Ex-Army men as they had licenses for arms which be used to form the organization. Varinder Singh and Talwinder Singh offered arms training to many drug addicts.
• Sukhchain Singh Gill, Punjab Inspector said that Singh might have a cross-border connection.
• Punjab Police has sent photos of Amritpal Singh all over India to catch him red-handed.
• Many videos also revealed that a firing practice is taking place in Jallupur Khera. Some footage also shows the loading of arms.
• Youngsters at the de-addiction center were given guns and weapons. These youngsters followed the principles of Dilawar Singh. Dilawar Singh was a terrorist who assassinated Beant Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab.
• Amritpal Singh had many extramarital affairs.