Arbaaz Khan appeared in wedding colors for the second time.

Salman Khan’s brother, Arbaaz Khan, likes to be in the headlines of Bollywood continuously, and somehow, he moves forward in Bollywood every time. In some way, his identity is also within Bollywood. It is very good because currently, in Bollywood, he is seen working not only as an actor but also as a director-producer, where he has directed many films and is seen directing many films. That’s why his recognition has increased a lot within Bollywood. Despite being the brother of Salman Khan, his credit is growing in the same manner, and in this manner, the producers of the film Dabangg. That too is Arbaaz Khan, one of the best films Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan himself has worked in these three films, which is even good for him, and all three films are very much within Bollywood.

Similarly, there was a lot left in Arbaaz Khan’s personal life because in 1998, he married Malaika Arora Khan, and after that, everything was going well in his marriage. They were in a relationship for about 19 years. Both of them were sent abroad to study separately, and after this, Arbaaz Khan started living all alone; on the other hand, Malaika Arora was seen hanging out with Arjun Kapoor. She was seen dating Arjun Kapoor continuously, but after a few days, Arbaaz Khan married her.He was seen dating, and after a few days, he stopped dating the model. He dated her for four years, and after that, there was a breakup between them, and the news of this breakup was also in the media for a long time.

Arbaaz Khan married makeup artist Sura Khan.

Arbaaz Khan is married to Bollywood makeup artist Sur Khan, and both got married at his sister Arpita’s house. At the age of 56, Arbaaz Khan got married for the second time because there was a lot of opposition in Bollywood. There is a lot of discussion on the topic of the church because of how the big stars of Bollywood talk about how they are locked in the bond of marriage; in any way, they are looking at age as a number in all respects. So this is a very big thing for them, in such a way that for their age, what does 2 minutes mean for them to get married? Somehow, the biggest thing is that the one who comes second, so those who are getting married, This age would have been very difficult for him. Still, somehow, on Monday, he maintained his health very well, and he can also hold his name in Bollywood, which is considered the biggest achievement for him at this time.

Arbaaz Khan’s place in Bollywood is very good, and many Bollywood stars were seen at Arbaaz Khan’s wedding where Raveena Tandon and her daughter were also seen present there, apart from this, the big stars of Bollywood were also seen there. -She is a big actress and was also seen there. Apart from this, Salman Khan was also present there and was enjoying his brother’s wedding very much, and it is a big thing for him that Arbaaz Khan has married for the second time. And both of them will be seen maintaining each other’s relationship. In any way, he was already prepared for this thing. From the sources, it always seemed that he was dating the model and would be seen marrying her. But nothing like this was seen, and they broke up with the model and sent her back, and we are married to each other.