Aruna Irani: Due to rumors of my marriage to Mehmood, no producer was willing to collaborate with me

Aruna Irani has discussed how she had difficulties in the industry as a result of the widespread rumors that she was getting married to Mehmood Ali. She revealed how, following the experience, she stopped caring about playing the female lead in movies.

Aruna Irani’s rumored marriage to comedian Mehmood nearly resulted in the actress’s unemployment, but Dada Kondke’s offer of a song for a movie helped her make a return. Aruna Irani discussed the incident and said, I’m not sure where the rumor that Mehmood Saab had wed me came from. No producer was willing to collaborate with me.

She described how the rumors seriously hurt her career. Added Aruna, A song from Dada Kondke’s Marathi movie Andhala Maarto Dola was then offered to me. I resumed work in that manner. When Rajkumar Kohli and I were both shooting at Asha Studio for the song, we ran into one another. When he realized I was there, he questioned, Arey Aruna to kaam kar rahi hai? I confirmed that I am employed.

She outlined how the rumors significantly hurt her career. Aruna continued, When his Marathi movie Andhala Maarto Dola came out, Dada Kondke offered me a song to sing in it. I got back to work in that manner. Rajkumar Kohli and I first met while we were both shooting at Asha Studio for the song. Arey Aruna tu kaam kar rahi hai? he inquired, startled to see me. I confirmed that I was working. He spoke the phrase Mujhe laga tune shaadi kar li toh ab kaam nahin karti.

I was able to obtain a work once more after I cleaned the air. I wasn’t concerned with exclusively playing heroine roles. She said, I kept working, and eventually, things fell into place.