Auction will be held today, big bids will be seen

India’s most prominent and biggest league, the Indian Premier League, will start in India in 2024. Before its start, the bidding for players has been held today in Dubai, and within this bidding, ten teams of 10 will be selected. The owner is there; he has reached out there, and the coaches of these teams have also reached out. After this, when they are there, they will try to take their best players similarly. This time, people will take very big players from their side.In the same way, the players performed brilliantly during the World Cup. Travel Head Ravindra Misal said that such big players could get a chance in the IPL this time, and they will try their best to buy every team. Many players will. Those players were also released at this party, and the bid was again given to them as to which group they would like to buy. This would be a big deal for them, and the biggest news now is that Hardik Pandya has been permitted the Gujarat team. Have left it and kept it for Mumbai Indians, which is very big.

Held today in Dubai, every player will watch the IPL bid. He will try to reach a higher amount, and whoever gets his team should play in the group, and it is everyone’s dream to play IPL. That is why the player is seen preparing great things for his performance and moving forward. Similarly, he can be seen adapting the environment here to suit himself, for which he is seen continuously. The same effort is made that the other players constantly staying away from IPL are also trying to enter IPL again. If he has been away from the IPL for a long time and many players cannot be sold within the IPL every year and remain sold within the IPL, then this time, he will also hope that he gets a bid here and Seen playing for the team.

Ten teams will put pressure on 77 players.

When the bidding takes place today in the IPL, the betting will be done on 77 players in Dubai, and they will continuously try to select the ten best players from here, and many of the best players will be there. Players are coming on top. Travis Head is coming on top because he performed well in the World Cup. He performed very well with batting and bowling, and this is needed. He will be seen performing well in the IPL as well. He has played in the IPL before, but this time, he will be completely worried about getting a new team, and after being away from the IPL, he will somehow be playing the same in every field. They will try to perform well this time in the Indian Premier League, and in the same way, the team will also try to strengthen the bowling and batting attacks for their team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni also reached out to Chennai Super Kings, and after getting there, he played a match for his team. They will select the best players, this will also be a big thing for them and the atmosphere created in this way will be very good. The players who perform well within the country will also likely play here and be seen performing well for their team. And in this way, the cricket atmosphere of the Indian team will be even more enhanced. It will go upwards, but there is no entry of Pakistani players in this IPL auction, after which they will not be taken here in any way.