Awasan Mandal made for MLAs in Rajasthan

The long wait for MLAs inside Rajasthan is over because there was no accommodation arrangement for MLAs in Rajasthan at all. They fully expected any accommodation near Vidhan Sabha, and they continuously asked the Chief Minister of Rajasthan to appeal to Ashok Gehlot to construct any building for them. However, flats were available near the Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan for the first 50 MLAs; they had become ancient due to their dilapidated condition. He started worrying that it might collapse, so Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot began this new housing board on 21 in 2021, and in this, he talked about building 160 new flats ultimately.

Information on the part of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is very much prepared because this building has been being constructed continuously for the last two years, and efforts have been made to make this building completely special so that the MLAs do not face any problems. Due to this, the MLA is now looking very happy because the elections are also very close, and the full expectation regarding these elections is also of the Congress. The government will continue, and the Congress government is also trying to repeat its government here so that it can keep its MLAs here properly and the MLAs do not have to face any trouble.

For the legislators, the security system has been fully taken care of.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has made many new changes in the construction of this building, and there is hardly any such building inside Jaipur which has so many security systems inside it. It has a complete alarm system if someone jumps over the wall and enters. When it comes, an alarm system immediately starts ringing like a siren inside the whole building. When it alerts, no one can come inside this wall, whereas inside this plate, there are different- New sensors of other methods have also been installed for the safety of the rest of the MLAs. Engaged in construction, and now you can start living there when this building construction is entirely ready.

The funds that Ashok Gehlot had for the construction of this building were also released in full, and now it was inaugurated yesterday. It is near here, it will be very easy for the MLAs to come and go, and they will not have to stay in any hotels on milk, or else it has been prepared like a luxury hotel so that the MLA can stay here with Ram. has also been prepared with a new look, the person who built the building has said that this building 1 is a unique gift for Jaipur. There is hardly any such building inside Jaipur with so much luxury system.