Big Congress leaders will contest Lok Sabha elections from Uttar Pradesh.

The Congress Party now wants to fully express its influence in Rajasthan and the way the Congress Party has ruled here in the last five years. Looked very closely, but still, there was complete trust in him here because in no way was he being considered weak. He was not being looked down upon here in any way, but Efforts will also be made. It is not reduced here, and even their 70 seats within Rajasthan still needed to be fully achieved. They got less than 70 seats here, whereas the Bharatiya Janata Party has 115 seats. She successfully formed her government here with a full majority, and the Congress government remained very low here.

Out of the five assembly elections held during the Congress government, it managed to maintain its dominance in only one assembly. How it faced humiliation in the states below is bad for the Congress government. To fight the issue, he went from the Karnataka elections to here. The election process in his play tried to implement the same here, and based on that, he created the election environment here. The same thing is getting worse for him because, in the coming time, the Lok Sabha elections in 2016 will also be held here for him. He will strengthen it even more, and given the Lok Sabha elections, he did not want to take any risks at this time, but the orders taken by the Government of India on how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned in Rajasthan worked perfectly.

Narendra Modi was considered the chief of Rajasthan elections.

Similarly, every leader believed that elections were completely held in Rajasthan when Narendra Modi started campaigning and rallying here. It became even easier for him to win. In the same way, he did not dominate every seat. Modi continuously reached there and made everything possible, and in this way, Narendra Modi’s reign. There is a lot of time everywhere, so Narendra Modi is moving forward with this. He is constantly creating an environment where every country’s situation is very much at this time. The problem is different in India. It is also very different here, which works in different ways, where many corrupt leaders are reducing political activities. Still, against them, Narendra Modi is constantly trying to stop them from cashing in. Move forward and play a good role for the country.

Similarly, the big and senior leaders of the Congress are currently trying to contest their elections from Uttar Pradesh because the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 are very close, and in these elections, the big leaders of the Congress, Jim Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, all these girls will be seen in the polls from Uttar Pradesh because it has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats, and hence it seems to them that if they had got their hearts there, then they would have won from somewhere else. Contesting elections will also become much easier for the people who are their MPs. It will also be easier for them because the Congress party has been continuously sitting in the opposition for the last ten years, and they will get the opportunity here. Not able to get a full majority, after which we hope that this time, like in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, Congress can completely establish its dominance in other places, and the Congress party will hope that it will get a full majority in the Lok Sabha elections.