Bigg Boss 16 Day 52 Updates: Sumbul’s father warns her about Tina and Shalin, as Shiv takes over as house captain!

Sumbul’s father advises her to avoid Tina and Shalin. Meanwhile, Shiv takes over as house captain and saves Tina and Nimrit from nomination.

It’s another day at Bigg Boss, and we’re back with the latest news! Archana begins the day by claiming that Tina and Shalin’s relationship is a sham. Bigg Boss summons Sumbul to the confession chamber, where she meets with her father. She claims there is no connection between her and Shalin. Her father advises her to avoid Shalin and Tina. He refers to her as a lioness. He claims that if you are nominated, we will support you.

This talk began due to unusual circumstances, and you should not detour from the core issue. Sumbul tells Sajid, “I want to be the captain.”


Tina and Shalin’s relationship is discussed among the housemates. Soundarya inquires about Shalin and Tina’s relationship status.

Bigg Boss has said that the new captain would come from either Room 2 or Room 3. As a result, Abdu, Shiv, and Nimrit will compete for captaincy. The contestants will control the shaitan khopdi’ in the game and can order the contenders to perform any assignment.



This game’s moderator will be Sajid. Nimrit tells Sajid that being captain this time is critical. Priyanka is the first to arrive and challenges Nimrit to 100 push-ups. and Priyanka

Nimrit and I disagree about it. Nimrit, according to Priyanka, is cheating. Nimrit is kicked from the task after removing her microphone twice. Archana instructs Shiv to eat a whole bowl of salt. Sajid, on the other hand, cancels the task. She then requests that he drink three bottles of water. The task concludes, but Shiv is unable to complete it.


Ankit requests that Abdu consume red chilis, but Sajid refuses. He then requests that he consume two uncooked eggs. He completes it successfully. He requests that Sajid and Abdu kiss each other. Sajid cancels, citing their heterosexuality. As Ankit assigns another task and Sajid continues to change, the house devolves into chaos. Sumbul tells Shiv, “I don’t want you to be with Tina in the kitchen”.


Bigg Boss asks Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya to vote on who will be the new captain. Shiv is chosen as the new captain after much consideration.

Shalin claims Abdu will always favor Sajid, which is why I chose Shiv. According to Bigg Boss, those residing in room two will be spared nominations and will act as chefs, while others will function as the junta. Shiv saves Tina and Nimrit from being nominated. Archana and Soundarya argue that Tina just pretends to be clean when she isn’t.