BJP state president said that the Congress government is still asleep and has not done anything for the public so far

The way the electoral atmosphere is heating up inside Rajasthan, parties are now seen opposing each other, and there BJP state president CP Joshi, who used to be a very big leader of Congress earlier And even now he has changed his party and joined the BJP as soon as he joined Bharatiya Janata Party, he was elected for the post of President, and he is doing this post very well. Keeping this in mind, he is constantly seen attacking Congress; he has said all those things regarding the natural calamity, which many storms have continuously accompanied.

He has said that the way a huge natural calamity occurred in the whole state yesterday, people suffered a lot due to the storm, but still, somehow, there is a government of Rajasthan which is a Congress government. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and any other leader have not woken up yet; all seem to be sleeping. The way people have lost their people and many animals have also been harmed. Still, the government has not even announced any compensation for this, and the government is completely asleep.

The government will soon have to announce compensation for the damage done inside the state.

The state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party there is CP Joshi, and he has said that the Congress government in Rajasthan will have to announce compensation very soon for the people here because of how they have suffered this loss. He is fully entitled to this compensation, and if the government makes such a decision, it will be very good for him. The people here will be very happy because the public has lost a lot of money, and The maximum damage has been done to the animal inside it. If the livestock is harmed, then the government must decide on it.

On the other hand, Congress, countering the score, has said that it is taking full action on this and will also announce compensation on this very soon, so in any way, it will not let the people of that area suffer. Suppose the Bharatiya Janata Party should not have any apprehension of interfering in it in any way, and the way CP Joshi has given this statement is completely wrong. In that case, the Congress government is constantly making good decisions for its people. In the future also, if the public elects her, she can be seen making good decisions in the future as well.