Booking of Dream Girl 2 started

Ayushmann Khurrana has not done any film inside Bollywood for the last four years, and he is constantly seen moving away from his film career. He has not shown any kind of activity inside Bollywood within the previous four years. He took a rest after a year, after which he was entirely ready to make a comeback inside Bollywood. Although he told the reason behind taking the rest, he should tell his family why and said he wants to give some time to his family. He wanted to provide time for which he had taken a complete rest from the film world, and he is all set to make a complete comeback in Bollywood with Dream Girl Tu. This film will be shown inside the theatre very soon. At this time, all the cinema halls are busy with Ghadar 2 and Om Ji 2, but despite this, this film will be screened very quickly in the cinema halls.

Ayushmann told Khurrana that if this film becomes a complete hit, his Bollywood career will be entirely successful again, and he will never look back again. Alankar has put in a lot of effort in the last four years. In the previous four years, he got away from acting, but the passion that he had to come back inside the films never worked for him, and given this, when he started shooting for Dream Girl 2, he made a lot of effort. He emphasised this more and has been seen working even more continuously regarding his acting. He has performed very well in his theatre and is constantly in discussions about this. His acting dates are known all over Bollywood together, although Ayushmann Khurrana is considered an excellent singer along with acting.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2 is to be released on August 25

At this time, all the cinema houses are best for Ghadar 2. Omji 2 and no new film is being shown there because their ticket house bills are constantly being seen, and due to this, Aasman Khurana, The movie Dream Girl is not being shown in cinema halls, and efforts are being made to see who made this film a foreign song in cinema halls. However, all cinema halls have agreed that on August 25, he will be ready to release this film, and he has started booking there. He said that he is pleased with how Gadar 2 and Om Ji Tune have collected in Bollywood and hopes upcoming movies also do better. If his film doesn’t work at the Bollywood box office, it won’t be good for him.

Ayushmann Khurrana did the previous WhatsApp Dream Girl, in which he was seen playing the role of a girl and was working in a telecom company, from where he plays a woman, but in this film, he was portrayed in the same way. He has been placed again and is all set to repay his father’s debt; for this, he plays a girl. Some such stories have been shown in it, and this film was fully released inside the cinema hall. Only after that will be known whether Ayushmann Khurrana has made a comeback inside Bollywood, how he can keep it, or if he will return with his old image.