Canada’s 5 Best Apps for Investing.

Canadians have more control over their money than at any other time in history, largely due to technological advancements that allow us to access capital directly from our mobile phones. But mobile banking goes far beyond just checking your account balance and paying bills on the go, and there are many applications available in Canada today. We will learn about all the apps that are available in Canada. These are the best apps for investing in Canada.

1. WealthSimple Investment
2. Wealth Simple Trade
3. Questrade
4. TD Direct Investment
5. EQ Bank

These five are not banking applications but are investing applications through which you can also do share market investing, buy and sell stocks, and trade like EFT. There are many applications in which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Thus, it will be an all-in-one investing application. Each application has unique features and costs. Each application charges its brokerage, although there are some applications for which there is no charge.

We have given you all the details one by one below, so before using any application, it is very important to know its complete details and features. So let us give you brief information about all the applications individually.

Wealth Simple Invest Application

The Well Simple Invest application is recognized as the largest robo advisor in Canada and is the first choice for Canadians. Through this app for investing, you can now trade stocks and cryptos and file your taxes with Wealth Simple, which is mainly helped by the robo-advisor platform. This application is available on iOS and Android devices, allowing us to transfer money with just a few clicks of buttons to open an account and choose a portfolio. This account has some key features that make it easier and simpler.


● Through this account, you can start investing only with dollars.
● The management fee on this account is reasonable
● The rate is 0.50 percent per annum for balances up to $999999
● The rate is 0.40% for $100000 and above
● Open this account using a special link and get a $25 bonus with an initial deposit of $500

Wealth Simple Trade Application

This application is generally great for beginners and is a type of stock trading app that allows you to buy and sell Canadian stocks and ETF commission-free from your Android device. Although some tools are found lacking in it, it is a very good application for beginner traders, mainly because this app supports small investments.


● Through this account, you can also buy fractional shares of stock.
● No FX fees on instant trades up to $5000 on this account
● You can upgrade to Plan Plus for $10 per month through this account.
● This application does not support margin trading
● This account is free for stock
● There is a $10 monthly optional for the Trade Plus plan

Questrade: Best App for ETF Trading

This application is considered the best app for ETF trading and one of Canada’s largest brokerage online companies, known for its commission-free ETF purchases. It enables you to move your desktop computer’s invested funds. You can also manage through the mobile Questrade Trade Investing app. The most notable features of the app, which are sufficient to satisfy the majority of traders, are the ability to access North American stock markets and the ability to customize alerts to monitor trading activities.

The biggest advantage of this application is its competitive pricing, as it comes with free ETF purchases, and most online brokerages in Canada charge up to $9.99 per trade. Through this application, you can also choose many ETFs for free, but if we sell the ETF, we have to pay some fee, which is a type of brokerage.


● You can purchase and sell stocks in this app for as little as $4.95 and as much as $9.95.
● It is primarily designed for advanced traders.
● This app also includes R A S P Lira R E F Margin non-registered and corporate accounts.
● This account also combines the RRSP TFSA account
● We can use it in both Android and iOS versions.

TD Direct Investing.

The TD Direct Investing app is the largest online brokerage company for Canadian people, and its fees are high compared to other companies or applications. Still, this application is powerful trading and has many features for regular and advanced traders. This application allows us to easily access Stock Charts, News Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Option Series. This app also provides us with the facility to execute multi-leg option strategies.


● This is a completely free app.
● Mutual fund trade is also free in this
● There is a $9.99 fee for ETF trading
● This app has active merchant pricing of $7
● This application is only available in Windows version 4 or higher and Android 4.4 version or higher.
● Training stop option stop limit and short sell stop orders can also be placed through this application.
● The program also provides limitless free TD ETF trading and 50 stock trades annually.
● Both Canadian and US currency can be held simultaneously in this account.

Eq Bank Investing App

EQ Bank application is considered the best for a savings account because it has the highest interest rates and is included in the top applications due to its highest interest rates. This application allows us to transfer our money and make bill payments. Through this application, we can also get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate. Its biggest special thing is that no account or transaction fee is charged, and it is famous for its interest rates. Similarly, we get a good interest rate on savings, like 2.50% interest in the EQ Savings Account.


● This application includes an interest savings account and a TFSA US dollar account key.
● without any charge
● It is generally available in both iOS and Android versions.
● Its interest rate is very high.


There are many applications available in Canada for investment. Still, we got complete information about the best investing applications for Canada, such as WealthSimple Investment, known as the best robo advisor by Up and One Bank, which is considered the best for. Its app also allows us to make a lot of payments. On the other hand, WealthSimple Trade is a very good application for beginners, any person or student who is a beginner and wants to invest in its application. Well, WealthSimple Trade is a very good opportunity for him.

TD Direct Investing, considered the best among the big banks, offers the highest interest rates on investments and can be easily used to pay many bills and transfer money. Mainly, all these applications are available in iOS and Android versions. Still, some of these applications are such that they can be available on our mobile or on our device as per the prescribed weight of both iOS and Android.