Canada’s prime minister will divorce his wife.

Canada’s Prime Minister Tudu has recently released a report from his social media account, writing that he will divorce his wife, and he has also prepared all the paperwork for this. He has taken it with his consent, so there is no visible difference between the two in this decision, both are very happy, and both said that they want to end this relationship ultimately. Still, with In the same Prime Minister, Tudu, said that he would keep himself wholly healthy and would always consider each other as a friend, would never treat him as anything other than a friend, and his mutual behaviour would always be very balanced. And both will respect each other very much.

The Prime Minister of Canada said that regarding the differences that have been going on between the two for the last few days, he has now spoken about ending this relationship ultimately. His Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie, also said she wants to end this relationship with him and start a new life. However, the children of both of them will remain entirely under them. Both parents will also see their education system along with them, so their future There can be no messing about. They have conveyed their decision to the government in an entire agreement with you. The Prime Minister has said that no one should take advantage of their privacy and such Don’t make the wrong impression that the Prime Minister should have taken a different step.

Canada’s Prime Minister married 18 years ago.

The Prime Minister of Canada married Sophie in 2005, and there was a tourist between the two; he was beautiful, but there was a lot of love between the two. She used to do that, and she was very conscious about that work; both of them fell in love, and after love, they got married with mutual consent, after coming they took the children to send them and all very happily. They were living, but suddenly, there were differences between the two, they did not seem to be there, and due to these differences, both decided to separate from each other entirely. Now both are going to get divorced very soon.

The Prime Minister’s wife has always supported women’s empowerment, and she has also done a lot of movements to bring women forward; the way she participated in every activity is very active in every activity. Stay, and they have always tried to teach women, in one way or the other, how women are tortured a lot; there are incidents of domestic violence against women. He should finally be given complete justice for the same judge he was always seen fighting for.