The anti-narcotics department of Pune has finally been able to recover drugs worth rupees 36 lakhs from a man who was using three mobile phones and 3 cars in order to transport the drugs from one place to another. It is important to note that various kinds of contraband substancesRead More →

According to the latest update from the Indian Meteorological Department, the Northwest region of India is likely to experience heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the next 4 days. According to the latest updates the entire area will be affected by strong winds which will be running at a speed ofRead More →

The central government is all set to launch the latest Agneepath scheme. This is one of the most important schemes for the recruitment of different army men in the Indian Air Force and other security services of India. However, many people have expressed their opinion with respect to the discriminationRead More →

In order to improve the condition of the Indian Railways the Indian government has finally decided to launch new trains which have been completely built in India and they run on Indian engines and not on the foreign engines. Vande Bharata Express is the latest train that has been launchedRead More →