If the name of Bhujia comes to our tongue, then the name of Bhujia is first known as Haldiram because Haldiram has wholly become the identity of Bhujia. In the same way, Haldiram’s Bhujia is very famous within the country and abroad. Haldiram’s revenue can be estimated entirely by seeingRead More →

Most important companies of Amazon has given a new kind of notification to all the employees according to which it is asking the employees to come back to office and stop the work from home facility which the employees has been enjoying for the past 2 years due to theRead More →

The Indian stock market has provided a lot of opportunities to multiple companies in order to raise capital from multiple type of sources and IPU listings have increased over the period of time in order to support this growth because this is something would be incredible which has to beRead More →

Important platforms such as McDonald’s and KFC have been in the position to change the menu because the prices of tomatoes have increased to a great extent that it has completely become unprofitable for these outlets to have them in the menu’s a long period of time because people usuallyRead More →

India is currently considered the fourth largest country in the world’s economy, and there are many reasons behind the growth of India’s economy. The car manufacturing plant is also considered the world’s largest plant at this time. Maruti Suzuki, which is an Indian company, is currently seen producing the world’sRead More →

The real state regulate be authority of Kerala has taken a new decision according to which any other person who takes the position of any flat that is offered by the landlords will not amount to a valid possession until and unless the Occupancy certificate has not be issued andRead More →

The income tax department has taken very strict action against all those people who have been trying to evade taxes over the period of time. It is important to note that the income tax department has finally come up with something interesting according to which it has found out aRead More →