Canada’s Prime Minister Tudu has recently released a report from his social media account, writing that he will divorce his wife, and he has also prepared all the paperwork for this. He has taken it with his consent, so there is no visible difference between the two in this decision,Read More →

The Government of the Russian Prime Minister is once again in danger because it is difficult for him to manage all the forces with the passage of times because it is completely not certain that what would be the future force of action that all the ministers have been takingRead More →

The Indian Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates have decided to issue a joint statement for giving a message to the world that all the developed countries must contribute for the fullfilment of the hundred billion program as soon as possible because this particular programRead More →

This Supreme Court has shoot a very important judgement according to which it is not possible for the police authorities to take up the power to take away any device such as a phone or a laptop from any person who is known to be somebody who does not knowRead More →

The different leaders of the world have come together in support of India after the former President of the United States of America Baarack Obama has criticized the Indian policies with respect to tackling the issue of Indian Muslims at the Global platform of the United Nations. This particular statementRead More →

The United States of America and India have been finally able to settle around 6 trade disputes. It is definitely after a long period of time that this settlement has taken place at the World Trade Organisation. This will definitely increase the exchange of goods and services between India andRead More →

The ministry of external affairs has written to the Government of Maharashtra that the London museum is one of the iconic structures that was built by the Britishers in India and this Museum should now be handled by an autonomous body. This particular Museum has been dedicated to Dr BRRead More →