Cement companies in great trouble

The income tax department has taken very strict action against all those people who have been trying to evade taxes over the period of time. It is important to note that the income tax department has finally come up with something interesting according to which it has found out a major fraud in the cement industry. The well known company of Shree Limits is definitely a famous brand of cement but today after a lot of Investigation which was carried by the search team this is completely.

Most of the sources has been in the position to make a major exclusion that this particular cement company which is very famous has been involved in a fraud of 22000 crore. Not only this but also different types of assets have also been recorded and the income to justify the acquisition of such high extensive projects is simply not known and this is one of the most important reason due to which Scooty of the Income Tax official has increased in order to prevent taxation over the period of time. The headquarters of this office is in Kolkata and ever since the beginning it has been in trend in order to teach the art of discipline to the people to the great extent.

But such changes are known for the kind of challenges And The fact that the income tax department has got another vehicle which is playing an important role for money laundering. The detailed scrutiny and the investigation has already decided. There is definitely no need to investigate the past transactions but all the books of accounts and other type of documents which maybe required have been brought into this and the central officials are trying their level best in order to conduct the investigation as in as possible without any kind of issue so that there is no looking back and the profit increases to a great extent over the time. It will be interesting to witness the future course of action and the different types of base in which the income tax official mistake a strong action against all of this so that this end as well as possible.