Congress party is delaying ticket distribution inside Rajasthan.

There is a lot of need for politics regarding elections. Friendship is visible in how the Election Commission in Rajasthan proved itself differently by changing the dates here because it has many days here. Because there will be more marriages, the date of the elections has been postponed, and this date will be delayed by only two days so that people can be fully active and participate in the polls. The leaders and the election centres will be able to participate differently than in the last election, where there was a record remote turnout. They always try to get people to vote, so they have made a massive change in the weddings here. Is

This is the first time in the history of elections that due to any marriage, changes have been made in the dates of elections here because a large number of marriages are going to take place on that day, for which the parties here have also continuously requested that She will ultimately take them forward. The Election Commission entirely accepted this thing. They said that if you take any issue like this, you cannot keep the general public away from the elections. If they do not come to the polls, then there will be no point in elections for them. Therefore, to make AAP Ram Janata utterly active in the elections and to make the general public wholly focused on the elections, they have decided to organize them. decided again

Congress party is still waiting for a big victory.

Within Rajasthan, the Congress Party, its government and the senior leaders of the Congress Party say that it is ready to establish its place here and is prepared to work on re-establishing its home here, for which it is continuously campaigning for elections. They are also spreading publicity. They want to avoid any shortcomings here in any way, where in their entire form, they should perform exceptionally well in the elections. The more children perform in the elections, the more it will be perfect for them. The more the election is taken in a different direction here, the more the election is taken in another advice. They will make many changes in the small within them and try to insert themselves inside the small very quickly, and this environment is favorable for them. They understand the small very quickly.

The Congress party still needs to distribute a ticket in Rajasthan, regarding which the Congress leaders and the former MLAs of the Congress have made an excellent appeal that the more they delay it, the more it is unsuitable for them. This is happening because if they give tickets to any political leader who is not fully entitled to them, then in the coming time, the leaders will not get time at all for an election campaign here. We will not get it, so ticket distribution should be done quickly. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party has yet to distribute the tickets entirely here; they have also distributed tickets only for some places and have done it very quickly. Shortly, Congress will broadcast the entire access before the party, and no one can create any difficulty regarding this.