Cyclone all set to hit the shores

The Indian Meteorological Department has come up with a latest kind of notification with respect to the upcoming cyclone. It is important to understand that it is one of the serious situations that the country has to face for the time being. Cyclone Bipor joy is likely to cause devastation across the eastern and Western Ghats of the country and the states of Gujarat in Maharashtra have been put on high alert till 17th June 2023.

According to the sources the total valuation of the loss is more than two crore. In order to prevent accidents and for the damage to the property around 99 trains have been canceled in the eastern and western railways. Not only this but also the areas around the sea has been evacuated because there is a possibility that the center of the cyclone will be coming in Gujarat on 15th June and this will definitely worsen the situation. According to the sources the speed of the cyclone will be more than 125 km per hour. The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted this speed to cross even 140 km per hour. It is a serious condition and the state government has been ordered to take all the precautionary measures as soon as possible so as to prevent any further loss.

According to the latest update, different types of trees and electric poles have been uprooted along the coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra and many highways have been blocked. It is difficult for the rescue department to take any action because the speed of the wind is very high and that is why the situation is out of control. The national disaster management team has finally been able to rescue around 20000 people that were caught in the cyclone so far and the search for other additional people is also underway. The finance minister has also decided to issue a relief fund. This particular package will be distributed among all the people and the people should update themselves online in order to get relief from the government in this scheme. It is important because the people have faced a lot and this is the most important aspect which must be taken into account. The loss that has been experienced by the people is beyond comprehension and this is something which must be evaluated in the beginning in order to avoid future loss.

It is important to understand that the country is definitely trying hard to cope up with all of these kind of natural calamities so that it becomes possible for the people to get adequate amount of funds so that if the businesses have been affected they can get back to normal once again and start functioning as they used to function earlier. It is only with the help of collective efforts that a decision can be taken in this regard and a better opportunity can be developed over the period of time.