Delhi drowning in troubled waters

The entire state of Delhi has definitely been issued the red alert for the maximum part of the day because of the simple reason that the water levels have crossed beyond the expected limit and the Indian Meteorological Department has given oh strict burning according to which it is really important for all the people to stay at home in order to stay safe during such a tough time because it is completely out of the control for the time being and it is not known how will the things come into picture over the period of time. It has to be taken into consideration that all the people in Delhi have decided to book from home and even the schools and colleges has decided to shutdown the operations as soon as possible before it is too late because it is going to be a very difficult situation for them as most of the people had not expected this to happen at this point of time because usually the October level of rainfall received by the city is very less but this time it has been able to cross all the levels.

It has been because of all of these reasons that the government has decided to issue a red alert so that people could remain quiet and also see for the period of time because this is not something that the people I specting at this moment and they want to get rid of the situation as soon as possible but the levels of Yamuna river continue to increase and according to the latest sources it has even crossed 209 meter watermark which is considered to be the maximum level that the reverk intolerance for the time being. The situation is completely gone out of control and the people do not know that when it will be controlled because the rainfall is not stopping for the last 48 hours and the entire state has been round in water and nobody had expected this to happen and it has been for the first time in so many years that the water levels of the subsidiaries of important rivers around Delhi have increased to and extent which is beyond the comprehension of people.

Search for situation all the government departments and the private departments have decided to shutdown the offices as soon as possible because it will be saving important for the interest of the people to get hold of team tires situation and also get proper allocation over the period of time because this is going to be beneficial and also at the same point of time important in the long time because it is a matter of the seating of the people and nobody can compliments with that actually with the period of time. It is only with the help of collective efforts that something can be done about it as soon as possible