Details of Indian UAE Ties

The Indian Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates have decided to issue a joint statement for giving a message to the world that all the developed countries must contribute for the fullfilment of the hundred billion program as soon as possible because this particular program has been specifically arranged in order to increase the constitution of every country in multiple areas such as sustainable energy and cleaners fuels All Around The World because this is one of the only method that is left in order to improve the climatic change that has been taking place around the different parts of the world and something has to be done about it otherwise it will not be feasible for the countries to survive the period of time because this is only way that is left for them to implement. It is a duty of the government to understand that the Indian Prime minister has been taking a lot of efforts and all of these efforts will get its own ideology over the period of time and this is going to take over the period of time.

It is important to understand that nobody wants to understand the basic free in which things have to be done with the period of time and this is going to be a heavy conversion over the period because without any kind of sustenance it will not be possible to understand that the developed countries actually doing anything for the people and if the countries are even doing something for the people then automatically they have to show the results to them as soon as possible otherwise people can definitely part or no confidence and it will become a difficult situation for the people to understand with the period of time. This is something which has to be noted off to the maximum possible extent and without any kind of failure. People want to get an understanding of what has been happening in the world but without this PC understanding it will be difficult for them to take action. This is something which has to be taken notes of as soon as possible and people have been trying to convince the developed countries to make the contribution to all of these ventures because it is only with the help of they efforts that something can be done.

If to all the efforts with respect to the cleaner development of fuels have been implemented then automatically it will become easy for the government to understand the basic facts that all of these actions need a huge amount of time for implementation but it is only with the help of the collective before the fall the government that is can be done as soon as possible activity you automatically the results will be slow and less but this is not the outcome the people and that is why it basically wants to collaboration of all the countries