Discrimination takes place in Agneepath scheme

The central government is all set to launch the latest Agneepath scheme. This is one of the most important schemes for the recruitment of different army men in the Indian Air Force and other security services of India. However, many people have expressed their opinion with respect to the discrimination that the central government can do against different types of men. An application has been filed in the Delhi High Court by a person on the ground that there is a lot of discrimination in the Indian Air Force especially against the women. The central government basically resists the appointment of women in technical and non technical grades in almost every kind of department. This scheme will allow almost every kind of man to work for the Indian Army for the period of 4 years according to the contract. All of them would be appointed in group x and group Y of All the departments but until now no woman has been appointed in this field. These two technical groups are very important for the purposes of recruitment. The first ground includes all the technical fees such as ground systems and the second ground includes all the non technical fields such as Logistics.

The government will also recruit different types of service men who have got a previous experience in different types of Army related activities but until now the government has expressed its intention to recruit only the unmarried men and female but nothing prospective has taken place in this regard. The hearing of the present petition has been scheduled later in this month. According to the affidavit the Indian Air Force also published an advertisement in the year of 2018 according to which only unmarried members were allowed to apply for the post. This is completely against the notion of equality which is against the very idea of justice and discrimination. Nothing concrete has taken place in this record and many applications have been filed to the Indian Air Force for the time being. The government has decided to bring the maximum number of changes in the way in which different types of perspectives are Fulfilled.

That is why in such a situation the Delhi High Court has to interfere so that the policies of the government are changed as soon as possible. This will actually help to bring all the possible kind of changes and at the same point of time will provide an equal opportunity to all the men and women so that they can be recruited on an equal basis. This is one of the most important opportunity for different types of people and such kind of limitations which are imposed by the central government itself try to restrict the Ambit of the same.