Diseases on the rise in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the neighboring countries of India, and whatever happens inside Bangladesh, India is very well aware of those things, and India continuously supports Bangladesh. I have heard that Bangladesh is wholly connected to India, where there are solid relations between Kolkata and Kolkata. India’s constant strategy is to maintain good treaties with neighboring countries like Bangladesh because it is New; not only will India benefit, but those countries will also benefit a lot. The objective situation will also be seen in a much better way, the strategies going on in those countries and the people’s views being expressed there.

India’s efforts always remain very different. India moved forward thinking about the country, and when a severe disease like Coronavirus came, India continuously helped these countries a lot, and Bangladesh was also named in it. India provided the vaccine to its people later. They had constantly worked to reach the vaccine to these people, and India still gets a lot of support for it. The identity of the people has been continuously there for the Indian citizens. It also has become very different. It is said that no other country does the way India helps Agri. If India allows Agri in the same way, then the value of India will increase even more, which is the vision of India. It is perfect. It is beneficial for the construction work of all the countries in India.

The condition inside Bangladesh is terrible due to dengue.

Therefore, India can now be wholly given the presidency of these countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is considered very good for these things. At present, a severe disease is being seen in Bangladesh. Dengue disease is wreaking havoc inside Bangladesh. Over 1,500 people have died due to dengue disease inside Bangladesh, which appears to be increasing continuously due to people inside the hospitals. Patients are seen getting their treatment daily, but those who cannot get proper treatment are getting admitted there immediately. However, India has stepped forward wholly to help them, and India said that it is trying to send its specialist doctors there. Very soon, specialist doctors who can immediately treat severe diseases like dengue will reach there. Will works there and is also trying to make people aware so that people can fight this painful disease in any way.

If he faces this severe disease, it will be a perfect thing for him, and people will also benefit entirely from the fact that the experience of Indian people is very high and Indians have come a lot in technology. At the same time, the Indian medical line is also progressing a lot. The doctors of India are seen continuously providing their facilities in the country and abroad. In this way, they reach inside Bangladesh and provide complete support there. They will provide facilities in various ways, they will make the people there fully aware, and their main aim will be to try to work on how it is taking shape very fast in Bangladesh. Along with this, we will make people aware to reduce all the diseases there, and they will also provide medicines to the people for free, like in India.