DU students celebrate Menstrual hygiene day

The 28th of May is celebrated as the Menstrual hygiene day every year. This is one of the most important days in the life of women. The students of the Delhi University have taken a very inspiring initiative in order to create awareness among the women and other sections of the society towards menstrual health. The government is also working towards this particular program so that the health of all the women could be protected to the maximum possible extent. The students of the university are organising different festivals and seminars so that they can easily execute the sanitary napkin distribution programs. The university is also supporting this Noble cause. The students are making videos and are sharing them on social media handles so that people can get an idea about the importance of protecting the women specially during their menstrual cycle. Not only this but also people will think of the way in which the protection of women can be enhanced over the period of time. This will motivate the people to become vocal about these topics.

The Indian health Association has come together with the students and also organised an Instagram reel making competition. This competition will basically allow the students to develop videos of 60 seconds in order to express the best message in an innovative way. The students of the teaching and non teaching platforms have also decided to be a part of this initiative and communicate this to the world at large about how important it is to take care of the health of the women. The level of acceptance has increased and now it is a time that it becomes a part of a lifetime so that women do not have to face discrimination in any part of the world. The initiative to distribute all the sanitary napkins is being taken around the slum areas of Delhi and Gurgaon. Special awareness programs have also been developed for the working women of the poor section of the society so that they can take a stand for themselves easily. It is a time for the stereotypes to go away and also create a change in this society which has become the need of the hour.

The distribution of napkins is definitely not the only activity which must be taken into account. It will take a lot of time in order to help the people to bring a change in this society.People are undertaking stand up activities and songs in order to celebrate this day in an entertaining way. The way in which the society has to think is decided by the way in which the youngsters take it. Different activities have been conducted by the college students in the Connaught Place and other public places in Delhi in order to build awareness in the sector