ED action against CEO of Hero MotoCorp Company

Hero Motocorp is India’s leading motorbike maker and has consistently reached out to a lot of ordinary people with its bikes within India and. Both Hero and Honda companies used to work together earlier. Still, now it is complete. Honda has achieved a different position, the way they said they had reached their name worldwide. On the other hand, Hero is only focusing more on its motorbike and likes to make motorbikes more in this way. Pawan Munjal, who is the CEO of which company, said that in the coming time, it would become India’s most significant and About to become the essential motorbike company

Recently, a considerable allegation has been seen against Pawan Munjal, and Income Tax has taken significant action against him. Income tax had raided his house in many places; during that raid, ₹ 81000 was taken from his home. The foreign currency was found, and apart from this, many such suspicious things were found at his house, which shows that he is illegally hiding foreign currency inside his house and many different things. Found in his home, so the government is very worried and has now decided to take action against him.

ED said that Pawan Munjal’s company could be suspended.

Giving a statement, ED said that yesterday they raided several places of Pawan Munjal. During this raid, they also found many such things regarding which they can suspend Pawan Munjal’s company, and for this, they will pay income tax. They are negotiating together, although there was a raid on income tax a long time ago. After that raid, some unique action was not seen in the Hero company, and now the phone is not being used; it is said that some conspiracy is being hatched against them. And in this way, there is no case against him; he is ready to do his work and does not do any work illegally; he is prepared to cooperate with the Government of India. But such accusations should not be levelled against them.

This is not the case when raids are conducted at the residence of the CEO of a big company or its premises, it usually appears very often, but no significant results are seen coming soon. That case is dismissed ultimately; if this kind of action reaches further, it is a huge thing and gets that company. There is a stake in it, there was a massive decline in it yesterday, and it is four per cent; its share market has now declined, and the bike of the company will affect a lot, but on the other hand, Harley Davidson bike that he had just made together with the motorcycle of is also going to be launched now.