Electricity duty increased, impact on elections can be seen.

In politics, every leader thinks he should remain in power continuously, and the people of his area should support him as much as possible to have a different identity. That leader should become a prominent leader in himself, but to become such a leader, the leader has to do a lot of work for the public and do good for the people. After that, the public wants that leader and prefers to remain with the same leader continuously. It is being organized, which is being done by Ashok Gehlot.

Many facilities have been provided in these camps, and much relief is being promised. Still, recently big news is coming out that the price of electricity will be increased and from this month the electricity fee will be increased by about 45 to 50 paise. Will go, and this fee is being increased due to coal being expensive. This fee of coal being expensive will be charged by the consumers, which is not correct to some extent because elections are about to come. Recently every party has been trying to do something or the other to remain in the limelight so that the atmosphere of that party is created and that party becomes victorious. Instead of doing something good, increasing the price of electricity at this time can be very harmful to the party.

Because to stay in power, parties have to serve the public in the election year so that the people vote for them, at present there is a Congress government in Rajasthan, and it keeps changing every time, sometimes Congress and sometimes BJP; Rajasthan is the only state in which Every time the government keeps changing because here people do not want to keep anyone, they want that every time a new leader should come in front of them so that the development of their state continues, so this tim. When the event was organized, people were pleased with it. Still, when there is talk of raising money for electricity, people are seen as very angry with them, and this charge will apply to the consumer who spends more than 50 units.

Up to 100 units are free; additional charges must be paid.

Because the Rajasthan government has waived electricity up to 50 units, he will be charged more if any consumer consumes it. If it is consumed after that, then a fee of 45 to 50 paise will have to be paid continuously, and considering the election time, this decision is not correct because such decisions put the parties in danger; at this time, the public should register themselves in inflation relief camps. It has been done to get rid of inflation, but if the government makes such decisions, people get very angry with them, due to which the party may suffer.