Elon Musk claims that Twitter interfered in elections and failed to foster trust and safety.

Countless celebrities have expressed their outrage and dissatisfaction at Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, declaring their resignation from the platform. Musk initially proposed to buy Twitter for $44 billion in April 2022, but nearly backed out when he discovered how many Twitter users were bots or spam. He eventually closed the transaction and came into Twitter headquarters in October to take over as CEO. Every day since, he has been incredibly active on Twitter, and he just revealed a bombshell concerning Twitter’s complicity in election tampering.

On Twitter, Reuters posted an item headlined “Twitter not safer under Elon Musk, says former head of trust and safety.” The tweet received twice as many comments as likes, and one person wrote: “For the past ten years, Twitter has demonstrated that it is not secure and has lost users’ confidence. The previous ‘trust and safety’ team was a disgrace, and it has no authority to pass judgement on what is being done today. They had an opportunity, but they blew it by selling their souls to a company.” This response has received nearly 11,000 likes. Musk responded and shared his thoughts.

“Exactly. Long-time users are well aware that Twitter has long failed in terms of trust and safety, and that it has intervened in elections “He posted something. “Twitter 2.0 will be lot more effective, transparent, and fair.”

For years, there has been talk that Twitter has interfered in political elections in some way, shape, or form, but finding evidence of this is almost hard unless you are on the inside of the corporation. Fortunately, Musk is precisely where he needs to be right now, revealing several flaws in Twitter that have been effectively covered for years.

According to Kyle Becker, a conservative pundit and independent journalist, mainstream media sources such as Reuters, the Washington Post, and the The New York Times are “very scared” of “citizen journalists having a legitimate venue to expose the left’s evident falsehoods and misinformation on a regular basis.”

Many individuals feel that Twitter had a significant part in suppressing items like Hunter Biden’s laptop and its content in order to portray the Biden family in a favourable light. Voters later claimed they would have voted differently if they had known about the information on the laptop and how it related to the Biden family, according to polls. In 2020, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was forced to apologise in front of Congress for suppressing verified reports of Hunter Biden’s political involvement.

Not to mention the extensive censorship and deplatforming of numerous people on the right by Twitter over the years. It’s ridiculous to imply that Twitter was a more trustworthy and secure environment before Musk took aboard. Musk hasn’t said anything further about the type of electoral intervention he’s alluding to, but we can presumably expect him to do so shortly.