Elon Musk says “welcome back” to fired Twitter workers. But there’s a problem…

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the new owner of the social media site, stated that it is “essential to admit” his errors on Wednesday.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated on Wednesday that he had rehired two employees who were “laid off” last month in his latest statement regarding the controversy surrounding mass layoffs on Twitter since he assumed control of the social media network. Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson, he tweeted after posting a photo of himself with the pair.

He continued in his tweet, “It’s important to recognize when I’m wrong & firing them was honestly one of my biggest blunders.

It’s important to acknowledge when I’m mistaken, and firing them was one of my worst errors. But this entire episode has a catch. The two males were never in fact Twitter employees.

Last month, the pair’s photos on social media went viral after they were captured in front of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters and were seen claiming to have been “lay off” by Musk. They were seen holding cardboard boxes and were believed to be a member of the crew of fired data engineers.

They identified themselves as “Rahul Ligma” and “Daniel Johnson,” the former of which was a play on a well-known internet meme. While addressing reporters, “Ligma” was holding a copy of Michelle Obama, a former US First Lady book,’s “Becoming.” They had duped multiple media sites as rumors of Musk firing employees spread.

However, it appeared like Musk was aware of the joke because he tweeted a fairly clever rejoinder to the firing of “Ligma” and “Johnson.” The tweet featured two images of the pair posing in front of Twitter’s headquarters while holding the cardboard boxes and read, “Ligma Johnson had it coming,” according to the richest man in the world.

Musk’s most recent post can be seen as a retaliation against Twitter trolls or people who have criticized his choice to fire numerous employees after taking over ownership of the microblogging website.


This comes a day after Musk’s comments about the social media network being “extremely sluggish” on Android smartphones was deemed “wrong” by the new owner of Twitter, who fired the employee via a tweet. The conversation between Musk and the employee, who claimed to have worked for Twitter for more than five years, quickly gained traction online. The employee came under fire from several users for venting his personal displeasure at his boss on a public platform. In response to one of these tweets, Elon Musk wrote, “He’s fired.”