Global crisis to increase with rice export ban

In the light of the Global crisis that has been taking place the Government of India has taken a very important step according to which it will be putting a ban on the export of the Rise all across the world because the demand of rice in the domestic country has increased exponentially and that is why it is not feasible for the government to export the same quantity of rice as it used to export something a go not only this but also this is going to find a huge amount of consequences on the present economic structure of the world as well as the Global market because if the supply of man of the most important such as rice increases then automatically the Global markets will experience of fall in the price but in the situation since the supply is decreasing it will be difficult for the government to find a solution and this is definitely going to increase the international economic index for food prices to a great extent. India is basically responsible for exporting 40% of the Global rice and this is a serious condition which has to be taken cure of a soon as possible.

, another important reason that has been responsible for putting a ban on the export of the rice is basically the excessive monsoon season that has extended in India for a long period of time and not only this but also it is important to understand that the people have been affected to a great extent due to the heavy rainfalls experience in the agricultural states of India and this has been able to destroy a lot of production of rice and the level of laws is definitely more than what used to be lost earlier. Ine Sach ko situation it becomes important to understand the basic fact that something has to be done with respect to the multiple types of technology that have been drought to India in order to improve the agricultural production but for the time being it is a difficult situation for India to understand and it is only with the help of time that India could get out of this and I’ll do it support the global economy in the way like it used to support something that.

The different types of ways in which the technology will be able to grow is something that is extremely incredible but it is for the people to your life that what is important and what is not for them because most of the people do not have this basic idea that how can things become extremely relent with time and the importance of the government in managing all of these factors Speaks a huge amount of difference with the people and it is only with the help of total collaboration that such kind of climatic crisis can be overcome easily