Google is fined Rs. 1,338 crore by CCI for “anti-competitive activities”

According to PTI, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) fined Google Rs 1,337.76 crore on Thursday for abusing its dominant position in a number of areas within the ecosystem for Android mobile devices. In addition, it gave Google a deadline by which to change its behaviour and business operations. If google doesn’t do it then they have to face a large amount of fine.


The regulator argued against requiring Google services to be pre-installed on Android device makers’ wares. It also urged Google to give all interested parties the same access. “Google shall not restrict access to its Play Services APIs to disadvantage OEMs (mobile makers), app developers, and its present or potential rivals,” the CCI directive states.


According to CCI, it is the responsibility of market leaders like Google to make sure that their behaviour doesn’t undermine fair competition.It was claimed that by preventing rival apps from entering the market, Google has preserved its stranglehold in the internet search industry. By exploiting its monopoly in the Android app store market to defend its position in general web search, it is believed to have broken the law on competition.


The commission discovered during its investigation that Google’s business was solely motivated by the desire to attract more users to its platforms so that they would engage with its revenue-generating services, such as online search, which has a direct impact on the company’s ability to sell online advertising services. The commission countered that Apple’s business is principally based on a vertically integrated smart device ecosystem that prioritises the selling of premium smart devices with cutting-edge software components.


CCI levies monetary penalty of 1337.76 crore on Google for abusing dominant position in numerous markets in the Android Mobile device ecosystem,  the CCI noted in a tweet announcing the imposition of a fine.


The commission came to the conclusion in its press release that, based on the information provided by the firm, it would penalise Google financially in order to effect the required market correction. Google has been given 30 days to submit the necessary financial information and supporting documentation.


The trade authorities opened a thorough investigation into the matter in April 2019 after receiving complaints from owners of Android-based devices in the country. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) preinstall the open-source mobile operating system Android on smartphones and tablets (OEMs).

The MADA and Anti Fragmentation Agreement (AFA) agreements that the OEMs of Android OS had with Google were the subject of the accusations of unethical commercial practices.