Govt of west bengal to call forces

The government of West Bengal is all preparing itself for the panchayat level elections and in order to increase the security level of the region the Supreme Court has ordered the deployment of Central forces in the region for the protection of the people so that no kind of mass movement is conducted and the law and order shall not be disturbed at any cost in the region. It is important to note that the government of West Bengal and the State Election Commission has already provided a petition to the Calcutta High Court which has been dismissed on the basis of lack of important reason due to which the forces will come into picture.

According to the petition made by the government this particular election is very crucial for the entire nation as a whole because the grass root level of democracy is integrated to the functioning of the country. This is one of the most important aspect which has to be taken into consideration before organizing the election because this will bring a lot of change. The government of West Bengal is known for the different types of situations in which the people have to face and the type of public disorders that are created specially during the time of election.

The government doesn’t want elections to happen along with violence in the city and that is why all the nominations have been filed after scrutinizing the record of the candidates in order to ensure that none of them have a criminal record. During the last year also when such kinds of elections were conducted they were completely filled with violence and at the same point of time this was definitely against the democratic principles of the country which had to be taken into account. Conducting proper elections is very crucial for the country as a whole and without affecting the kind of elections it isn’t possible for the people to discharge the democratic functions over the period of time. Initially the high court did not give permission to deploy such kind of forces because it was more than what was necessary but this Supreme Court was in the position to scrutinize the entire situation and taking to account all the factors and after that it ordered the deployment of Forces. This Supreme Court has also ordered that the forces will continue until and unless the results of the elections have not come out. The state police force is definitely not enough to Take full control of the situation for a state like Calcutta.

It is only with the help of these benefits that proper amount of people will be in a better position to take into account all these factors and will also try to improve the situation over the period of time so that no lost is caused o them. The centre will try to help the state forces to the maximum possibly extinct in order to get better results over the period of time.