Govt tries to make a committee for people

The government has been playing a baby important roll to regulate the price of most of the central commodities in the conceive because after everything that is took please fit to metres the government has lost hope from all the private market and it is basically contemplating of Bose situation for the entire country if the private place the given the permission to play in the market and the sentiments of the market is not being that onductive to allowed the private place to one second upset the entire market functioning for the simple reason that last thing when the private place were allowed to function in the market the prices of the metals and angles but Sky walking and most of the people were not even able to a force them but this is not going to happen anytime in the future because people will love become extremely conscious about the ways in which they must try to understand that by private play the only working to the best of the advantage and that is why the government will come into picture in working that it would be the possible for setting up the maximum period of time for like a lot of people because this has been the demand of many people that it is not going to help them in the future in any way.

People want to the solution that nobody else actually once and people have been trying to manipulate things in advance because it is not easy for them to understand that why all of this has been taking place but with the help of time and money everything can be sorted out but nobody actually wants to buy a huge amount of stuff with the help of everything that they have and also the commodities which they have be talking about has not been that great enough in multiple aspects and people definitely required this kind of solution to come up in the times to come and that is why we have given the responsibility to the government to think of all of these factors and even fix the export price for a number of commodities and people definitely want to understand so this is not the way in which things must actually come up and even if things have been moving in this direction then we require proper amount of delivery.

The government will now play a baby important sole in fixing the price of important commodities such as rice and other types of weak because the private clays cannot be trusted with all of this anymore and that is why the the government has even set the maximum limit up to which everything can take place and even if things are not working in the best possible direction it takes the huge amount of 5 which to accept my everything has taken place so far. It is going to make a lot of sense for the people to understand that has been taken please around them but people also need to understand that the government is working to the best of the sufficiency to provide a solution which is never been obtained by the people so far and it will take a lot of time to accept the reality in advance but it is only the technology is a better way which is actually helpful and beneficial to the Walter large because in this week the people would be able to move ahead and forward with everything that they have and this will actually promote a better technology to come up that will make a huge amount of different for the people at life