Heavy rainfall for 12 states

The Indian meteorological department is 1 second back with some of the latest update with the Spectre the weathers and this is something which is going to give your mind Sparsh sure and for the time being it must be told that things have been moving out of control once again because people might have bought that the rainfalls have the wood but well it is not and the level of painful with some of the states likely tool received by the end of the Independence Day is definitely something which is very intense and this is once again going to call natural calamities that is noon to get a huge amount of damage and for the time being this is going to be a difficult situation for most of the people but once again this particular statement will be hitting the headlines of multiple newspapers because around 12 States according to the latest forecast I expected to receive thunderstorms which will be beyond something that one has ever imagine and this level of painful is likely took outgrace everything that is already been sent.

According to the sources this particular information is very critical according to the department because various States will be undergoing the exercise of cultivation of multiple type of crops and if they suitification comes out to them in advance then we can start with the process so that the amount of loss and the amount of damage that can be sustained by them due to heavy rainfall can be reduce. This is actually a baby healthy exercise in terms of multiple aspects for the simple reason that things have been working in the best of the capacity for the time being in it only depends upon how will it will continue in the times to come but for the time being this is going to be a difficult for a lot of people. This particular exercise of informing the farmers in advance that has been taken by the Indian logical department for the simple reason that whenever the crops point due to heavy rainfall automatically the cost of the vegetables increases due to the shortage in supply and once the prices increasing then automatically which end up increasing the cost price of the product to the customer and ultimately physics increases to a great extent which has the country.

This particular information is true for the north built in the Western belt of the country and if things continue to happen in this way then automatically tho government will try to get control of the situation has soon as possible and provide package to all the farmers who have suffered the future amount of flows due to such exercise and this is going to work efficiently for a lot of people but for the time being this is something which is really huge and depends a lot on how things have unfolded over the period of time and the way in which it can be sorted out in the times to come.

The farmers have also expressed gratitude towards the department for being so diligent in recording was check the kind of detailed in the minimum possible time and also providing all of this information on role time bases to them so that they can accordingly take the harvesting decision but depends a lot on how things have been manage and how effectively we will be brought back to Petro over the time but for the time being everything soul and it is going to help multiple people in multiple aspects in. It is the best factors of the Indian Meteorological Department to give constant updates to all the sectors of the economy so that the natural forces are not in the position to leave or devastating impact on multiple AVS and this is something which is being done for the benefit of being tyre country so there is no problem to it also