A shocking insulin has taken place in Canada and this has been able to affect a lot of people in multiple ways and the do not even know how to rest phone to all of these activities because it has been baby shocking for them to experience this after such a long period of time. It is definitely a matter of great for the country to realise that things have not being that easy to understand but the increasing power of the Khali group in the country of Canada has been mandalied by the supporters of Pakistan and this news shocking and nobody actually that this kind of incident will take place because the people of Khalistan only had the problem when that of Punjab and the people who are saying there but such a kind of reaction is not that was accepted for to have dinner first people continue to realize the activities then automatically it is going to huge amount of conflict between the relationship that have been existing between India and Canada because for the time being Modi has always try to maintain the strategic size between the two countries but now that the issues of India trying to create the Strawberry in the country of Canada. It is expected that the relationships would be affected to a great extent and people could do nothing about it because it is a serious C2 and there is no way out of it that you can get a head of all of these activities and also find some kind of fees because this was something which was never thought and the way in which it has been from algated is not how it was expected to be because the country has been at all with the khalistani group in multiple.

The state of Khalistan has always been responsible for empathy people to a great extent and such kind to activities has not been for the government at any cost but if they kind of incidence continue to teach place then it will be causing a huge amount of the stubbing to the people without it. The government does not want such kind of incidence to be repeated once again and these incidence if continue to get repeated with always be a matter of concern and this would be leaving a great in qzaqpast app on the people and the people will not people be able to a basic conclusion out of it.

People always want a kind of solution which is not available anywhere else but if the solution is available then they want a proper solution to be propagated as soon as possible. People always want a kind of solution which has been flexible but the state of Khalistan is not Indo position to accept any solution for the time being and it is getting extremely difficult for the people to find out the reason behind all of this and the vision which all of this can be prevented today because if it is not what into picture then it will be using a huge amount of problem for the entire country and nobody would be able to get out of it because it is something which has been out of control of a lot of people when people need peace then it is a duty of the states will nekoshti at the terms of the agreement between the states but if they are not in the position to do the same then it becomes extremely complicated for them to come to terms .