India and Australia cricket teams fined for slow overrate

The final of the World Test Championship has been completed, and both India and Australia teams played well here. However, the Indian team had to face a very tough defeat from the Australian team here, and the Australian team defeated the Indian team by a significant margin of 209 runs. Australia has become the only team in the world to have won all the ICC tournaments till now, although this opportunity was also present with India. It could have made a massive record in its name, but India survived it, and when India faced defeat at the hands of Australia, it missed the opportunity.

India had a lot of hope from this match because the last time India reached the final of the World Test Championship, it had to face defeat at the hands of New Zealand, but this time the Indian cricket team played excellent cricket within the last two years. On the right, the Indian team had paid much attention to Test cricket. However, still, when India lost in the final of the Test Championship, then it was very sad for the Indians, and now it will have to work so hard again within the next two years that it Reached the final of the World Test Championship again and won the trophy.

The Indian team was fined 100%, the Australian team was fined 80%, and Shubman Gill was fined 50%.

In the final of this World Test Championship, both the teams had to face the penalty of slow over rate, whereas when the Indian team had to pay a 100% fine, then the Australian cricket team had to pay an 80% fine because the rate of both the teams was very high. It was too slow, and both these teams had to bear the brunt of it while Shubman Gill raised many objections to the umpire’s decision.

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has said that he did not play a lot of such cricket here, although when he could have strengthened his batting more, he could not focus on batting in such a way, and his batting was continuous. It has made a lot of difference to his team, and feeding or not feeding Ravichandran Ashwin is not very important for this team because if the team performs well, then it wins. Still, if there was a lack in some places, the Indian team lost the match, and he said that he would try his best to do better by getting out of these mistakes.