Indian junior men’s hockey team wins

According to the sources, India’s junior men’s hockey team has finally made the country proud by emerging as the winners of the Asian Cup. It was only with the help of their hard work that they were able to win such a prestigious Trophy by defeating Pakistan with a wonderful margin. It is important to understand that Angad and Abhijeet played extremely well to win this championship.

It has been for the fourth time that the country of India has won this title. It was previously in the years of 2004 and 2008 including 2015 That India Was considered to be the winner of this Championship. With the help of this victory it has been able to prove the devotion towards hockey and also justify the title given to hockey which is no less than the national game of India that represents the true identity of the people. The Indian men’s hockey team is always famous for playing offence but it was for the first time that they played a defensive strategy and it also worked successfully for them. It is important to note that the sportsmanship of the team was commendable and it was one of the most important reasons due to which the team won.

The commentators had recorded the report for every minute. It was only with the help of commitment and devotion and long hours of practice that the team was able to qualify all the matches of the tournament with flying colours. Their coach was very strict. It is important to understand that it is only with the help of this particular strategy that the Indian team was successful over the period of time. Not only this but also the team has received appreciation from different parts of the world and they have been given different relaxations as a reward in this regard. It is important to understand that after this match the Indian team will prepare for other tournaments which have been lined up in order and will be played As per the schedule which has already been finalised. The government has also decided to provide new coaches in order to prepare them for other tournaments so that they also emerge with flying colours in those competitions and represent India to a great extent.

India has always been able to established a name for itself in this particular sector but over the period of time the level of the country in sports has depleted but under the leadership of the latest cabinet minister for sports and Wellness the funding allocation for the promotion of sports has increased and all of this has been able to contribute towards a better performance of the Indian players at the international front. This has definitely worked for the benefit of the country to a great extent. India will continue to strive.