Indian minister demand security from the Uk

The minister of external affairs in India has requested the ministers of the United States and the United Kingdom to protect the diplomatic relationships and also respect the relationship between the two countries. It is important to note that the development of the strategic relationship between the two countries has been possible because of the efforts of both the countries and the foundation of this relationship is built on democracy and other essential values. The Indian high commission has organised many different meetings with the ministers of those countries in order to enter into discussions to decide the way in which the democratic relationships between the two countries can be maintained.

In a recent incident the Khalistan supporters destroyed the Indian high commission in London and the London authorities did not even arrest those leaders or take any strict action against them. In such a situation, the obligation to maintain the relationship has been multiplied to a great extent upon the concerned Leaders because the security of this mission is one of the most important subject matter which is being questioned again and again. The importance of this relationship has been increased to a great extent after India and the United Kingdom have collaborated with each other with respect to different organisations and missions.

Not only this but also it is important to understand that the Indo Pacific region has always been subjected to violence due to Chinese interference. In order to promote free trade between the countries it is essential for the host country to offer the security cover and at the same point of time make provisions for the implementation of previous clauses of the agreement which has been entered between the two countries over the period of time. If this partnership works then the valuation of this entire project would be more than 34 billion dollars by the end of 2024 itself. There are so many opportunities available in this world and it is only with the help of a sound structure that effective provisions for development can be created. The economy of the United Kingdom is growing at a fast speed and the Indian economy is dependent upon this growth to a great extent. In terms of volume it is the 12 largest trading partner of India and is likely to become the top most reading partner with the finalisation of the deal.

The trade from the United Kingdom is around 2.1% of the Indian imports and exports but over the period of time if the diplomatic relationships are protected and no such security problems exist then automatically, it will be very important and crucial for the economy to witness. This is one of the most important concepts which must be taken into consideration over the period of time and it will help to provide better success and also achievement over the period of time. This will benefit all the perspectives of the countries in the long run and also promote important relationships.