Indian PM criticizes the PM of Pakistan

The prime minister of Pakistan has made a critical statement against the Indian Prime Minister and at the same point of time the members of the ministers along with the leaders of the ministry in Pakistan have decided to come forward and seek against the atrocities of the government which have completely become out of comprehension of a lot of people over the people of time. According to the leaders of the ministry it is important to understand that the kind of competency that the previous Prime Minister of Pakistan had was not at all of any use and a solution had to be provided as soon as possible in order to decide the upcoming course of action so that A better be could be provided in the long Run.

It is important to understand that Imran Khan had been the biggest to the existence of democracy in Pakistan and it has been because of this particular reason that the country has not been able to compete with the Global Leaders because the policy are daily atrocious and it tries to provide a safe haven for the propagation of elements like terrorism. In such a kind of situation it has been able to receive a lot of Criticism over the period of time and most of the people are not in the position to get up what to do mix and that is why the time is come to take a decision as possible so that the situation of parvesh is not reported back that them.

Pakistani is always known for the pleated discrimination against the rights in the times to come and until and unless a solution is provided it is just not eatable for the country to know the ways in which things can be sorted out and this is one of the most important factor that has to be taken to consideration before it is too late because it is upon the people to decide the right course of action and the time has come for the people to exercise the power of the fundamental right so that it is not delete for them to be what you want to. In such a kind of situation the time has come to bring out a solution and this is something which will have its own benefits over the period of time and until and unless this is not taken into consideration it will not be feasible for a better belongingness with the time.

It is important to understand that the truth of the population has become the important due to which the availability of his sources of the climbing and the government of Pakistan is not doing anything to so is this situation as soon as possible because it is completely beyond the comprehension of a lot of people and it is becoming difficult for the people to know the way in which a proper methodology could be provided because this is definitely not the solution to this problem at all