Indian PM remembers the eve of partition

The Indian Prime Minister Modi was in the position to both through the incidence of the day of partition and the kind of struggle that people had to go through in India at that point of time when India was divided into two countries of Indian Pakistan and the be in which everything was consoled was definitely not thought even for a moment and things for getting complicated to oblite extent and people had got no other option then to find out why it was getting so difficult for them to manage multiple aspects in one go and what was understanding the hand all of this. It is definitely the call of the people to find out that is not being that easy and it is only if the help of time one by one but it depends upon how people have been moving the head with the passage of time and the ways in which we can get a proper solution in this regard to understand that things are always not that easy and it is only with the help of time in the long run. It is something which is going to matter in the long one but for the time being it is upon the people to evaluate everything properly before it is too late because people have been trying the level test to understand the gravity of the situation and it is only with their help of time that they can also realise but things are not that easy for them even to evaluate and it is only with the help of proper understanding that everything can come back to be coming normal

It is something which has to be understood in the beginning itself and nobody is responsible for all of this mess because people do not even find out why all of this is happening and the only try to blame others for all the mess that we have been able to experience but the people must always give a chance to the other person so that he can be given an ideal opportunity to be expression sell that the way in which the partition to please man of this actually happened and every thing can sold B on the level of tolerance and it is becoming essential for a lot of people to take immediate action over the period of time because it is immediate action was not taken then people and this amount of philos could not any amount of effort.

It is a basic need to understand that ideology of most of the people is not that easy and it is only with the help of time that this kind of help can be provided to the people but according to whatever is prevalent for the time being some kind of solution has to be engaged in for getting a peaceful Outlook in the times to come so that people do not face any kind of heart shape in the future and the also is not undergo anything in the future. This amount of tragedy and this particular point of time is a biggest lesson to the government at large so that we cannot intelligent such kind of activities in the future and also a kind of solution is provided to them in the long run. The government has not been responding in this way and it is only with the help of time that it can become easier for the government to manage multiple aspects and mango but it takes time for all the things to be put at place