Information About Motivation

Motivation is what takes you to a goal, by waking up in the morning and allows you to work on a task that is determined to succeed even when things become tough. Generally, motivation is driven by ambition and desire, and if others will not be available. It is normally triggered by the external factors like successful people, a movie, a book, a specific event, an animated conversation, or a movie. These factors create a desire to carry out something to follow the dream or simply to perform a specific assignment. These triggers or factors can be powerful, motivating, and keep you moving to achieve what you have set out to carry out. Occasionally, the desire and trigger disappear for sometimes, and you require another dose of breath. Sometimes you may want to do something or achieve a specific goal, but if your ambition and desire are not strong, you will not have the momentum, willingness, and initiative to take the needed action. In this point, you lack inner drive and motivation. A motivated person acts and does everything possible to achieve their goals. The motivation is strengthened when you are having a vision, a clear mental image about what you need to achieve, and a strong desire to demonstrate it. In this situation, motivation stimulates inner power and strength and pushes it onward so that the vision becomes a reality. You can apply motivation in all actions and objectives. There may be motivated to learn the foreign language, bake a cake, get good grades in school, write a poem, or earn more money. Also, it can be to take a daily walk, get a better job, buy the new home, do business or become a doctor, lawyer, or writer. The motivation is there when there is a clear vision, a specific knowledge of what is needed to be done, strong confidence, and desire in your abilities. Tips to increase motivation

1. Communication is important. It can be normal, but talking with someone you trust on your network or at work do wonder. This can assist you to relieve sadness and promote creative thinking. They can relate to the situation you are and give you recommendations or advice that you have not thought about. Another option is to request comments from colleagues, clients, or supervisors. Do not take your criticism like something negative, but as an impulse for the positive improvements. If they congratulate you for the hard work, this should be your motivation the entire week. The same thing goes for transparent comments to the team or colleagues. If they feel inspired and motivated, it will make you think and develop the stronger relationship. 2. Say NO to anything negative When an assignment occurs to you, do not be afraid and immediately assume that it is impossible to complete it. The pessimistic perception of the work droves motivation away, so take the positive approach and then change your attitude accordingly. In this way, you can look at a glass half full instead of half empty. 3. Make sure you follow the program The organized schedule linked to a calendar helps you stay motivated and is a great image for tracking your progress. Make sure you follow SMART goals and know exactly what you’ll do and when. Essentially, if you planned it well, this is the natural transition from a particular activity to another, so as not to lose momentum. 4. Focus on your results The things which reduce motivation and lead to delay is that we normally measure the success, not through the distance we travel, but by the distance we are far away from our ideals and dreams. If there is a change of mindset, and we become more aware of how the brain works, the journey to motivation can be stimulated. People often feel happier when they use their brains to visualize, solve problems, measure, and achieve their progress. If you don’t speak in general, but in detail, there is a chance to feel happy and more energetic. One way of doing this is to train the brain to measure certain details that can base your feelings on reality and increase motivation. 5. Practice positive Many companies, schools, and businesses have realized the benefits of meditation or exercise while working or studying and its close association with energy levels and clear thoughts. Take a pause and walk for 10 minutes, cycle outside the workplace, or do yoga to recharge your energy. 6. Set measurable goals By setting goals, you increase the motivation and train your brain to just focus on certain measurable things. If that is achieved, things can be in a better position. When we are inspired and motivated, we all feel that we are in a right moment. In essence, the past is over, and the future is going well. At the moment, we have the feeling that we are progressing, going in a right direction or not. Time cannot be stopped; only what we can do it to use time properly. If you are not satisfied with a progress you have made, you can compare yourself with others, and this may make you feel much worse and stop tracking motivation. 7. Create and repeat the new positive habit At times, small change gets the best results. When you begin the new habit, may it at the gym, improving your speech, or making videos, the key thing is repetition and consistency. Always doing something new, your brain connects new ways that help you make progressive improvement. If you require to start the new morning a routine, repetition is very key. If you need to begin meditation, the secret idea is staying with it. If you are preparing to run 5 km, it is important to run daily and develop endurance and strength. If you have the vision of yourself like someone who has no plans, consider yourself that person. On the other hand, if you speak to yourself daily that you are the first-rate project finisher, you will start to think and behave like that person. 8. Break large goals into smaller goals which are more achievable If you have various large goals, break them down to several achievable steps, so that you can get the results very fast. Try to split them up to the maximum of 1 to 2 weeks. Celebrate and reward yourself after completing each sub-goal. This step is motivating and keeps you updated to achieve the larger goals.