This time, the match will be made entirely for India for the World Cup, and the performance of the Indian cricket team inside India is spectacular; however, having the God World Cup inside India is an excellent thing for India. India’s performance in the subject is awe-inspiring. The Indian team plays a lot of matches in the middle of Asia. The way it constantly tries to do many things, even during practice, is there. The Indian team will also try to practise this in a new form here because the Indian team has a whole experience of playing on Indian soil. With its expertise on Indian earth, Exide will also try to practise Allen’s Indian pitches. In a way, this time, it has been changed. BCCI has said that it will not keep things the same in any way, and the World Cup will not be so easy for India.

There can be many challenges for India in the World Cup, for which the Indian team must work very hard. It will be visible here, so you must work completely hard. The camp that is going on is preparing its new players against each other, and the Indian cricket team is preparing its new players for the World Cup as a backup. During this time, he should be ready to face those things so that if any player does not appear in the World Cup during the injury, then in the form of a breakup, that player can completely replace him by performing brilliantly and giving it to the Indian team.

There is still a crisis over Akshar Patel playing in the World Cup.

The innings played by Akshar Patel against Bangladesh during the Asia Cup were brilliant. Although the Indian team did not win the match, the performance by Akshar Patel, the way he scored 45 runs, is his credit. He has achieved a lot of brilliant runs, but still, the Indian team did not win within a few matches. But Akshar Patel was ultimately seen getting injured in the game. His thigh was very bad. A kind of muscle pain was coming and appearing in him, due to which many of his muscles were stretched, and he was on complete rest. However, he was also given complete rest for the ODI series against Australia to return well-prepared for the World Cup.

This time, the Indian cricket team may see a lot of players getting inserted during the World Cup, due to which Akshar Patel has already been ruled out for the Australia series. He needs to be fit, and there is a strong possibility that a new player will get a chance in his place. If he is found this way, the opportunity for Sanju Samsung will be fully opened within the World Cup and from the second World Cup onwards. He will be seen coming into the Indian team, so he is fully prepared. If he pays attention to how his performance has been in the last ten matches, Sanju Samsung should be selected for the World Cup this time. And Santosh can reclaim his place in the team by performing well in the Samsung World Cup.