Intel India head resigns

Intel India head Nivrutti Rai resigned from her post on Wednesday. They submitted her resignation letter to the CEO after a successful career spanning 25 years and said that she had seen many good and bad times during this beautiful tenure. During the bad times, he supported the Intel company, but when he joined the Intel company, he did not have that success, but after that, his life changed completely. However, the changing character of his life was the Intel company. There were many significant changes in his life.

Nivrutti Rai entered as a designer inside the Intel company in 1996, and after that, he put a lot of effort into his work. After this, he made successful efforts, then the big employees of the company appreciated his work very much, and his post continued to increase. Gradually she kept moving forward with her hard work and kept impressing everyone with her talent, and she got the result of continuous hard work and reached the highest heights of her life.

The women empowerment award is given to Nivruti Rai for technology excellence.

In 2022, the former President of India, Ramnath Kovind, gave the Women Empowerment Award to Nivrutti Rai for her outstanding performance in the world of technology excellence, she was given to Nivrutti Rai, and for this, she had made a lot of effort and when she received this award from the President. After that, he said that the way the women of India are increasingly taking part in technology, you will appoint a woman as the CEO of a big technology company in the future. We can see this because they are seen working equally to men.

When Nivrutti Rai handed over his resignation to the company’s CEO, he was given an excellent farewell ceremony, and all the big employees of the company were called there. The company organised an outstanding program and a function for them. His entire family was present in this, and the good events during his tenure during these 25 years were also remembered. Along with that, Intel India Company has bid farewell to Nivruti Rai. And now, she has entirely left the world of technology, and she further said she wants to spend some time alone.