Jio company launched its cheapest keypad phone

The Jio company is considered the most prominent company to bring the 4G network to India, and how the 4G network originated in India increased the internet facility inside India and in the same way that we see YouTube Facebook social media accounts today. If we want to use it even further, Jio is trying its best to give its Anandam Play to the customers, and six years ago, when Jio 4G was launched, they immediately changed their SIM card to 4G. Apart from 4G, they kept no system like 3G 2G inside their application or SIM card.

India has been constantly trying to ensure that the Jio network inside India continues to expand here. If the Jio network wants to make progress, it is seen growing like 5G and the way it is growing inside India. Other companies have launched 5G, but till now, the Jio company has not launched 5G completely here, now it has prepared its plan to launch Jio’s 5G completely, and they have said that in the next six months, The speed of the internet inside India will be very high. In contrast, biography has done one more thing with it and has launched its cheapest smartphone.

The price of this phone for Jio will be ₹ 999.

The price of the Jio phone has been kept at only ₹ 999, and you can easily get it done within ₹ 999; its booking has also started now, and very soon, you can see it inside the market. And its facilities will also be available in the market as quickly as possible, which will come from a new year in the market because Jio has used the best technology in it, which has taken out its cheapest smartphone. It is also claimed that till now, it is the cheapest and most affordable smartphone available, and the technology used in it is entirely Indian. It was made as Made in India.

Many applications of Jio will also be available inside this phone, with which JioCinema, My Jio Jio TV and UPI transaction facility have also been made available; along it is also very easy to operate, and every person can easily use the keypad, which runs the phone. Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani has stated that there are still more than 20 million users inside India who use keypad phones, so this technology will prove to be very good for them. And in the coming time, he is also giving new technology to this two crore population in the form of a Jio phone.