Kamikaze Drones Attack Kyiv as Ukraine experiences multiple explosions

These attacks occur exactly one week after Russia launched a significant missile attack on the Ukrainian capital and several other targets.

Kyiv: On Monday, Ukraine claimed that Russia had assaulted Kyiv with an army of kamikaze drones, in what the president’s office described as a desperate move nearly eight months after Russia’s invasion. The mayor of Kyiv reported that one of the attacks, which struck a structure, resulted in one fatality and three injuries.

An AFP reporter in Kyiv witnessed drones swooping low over a key area of the capital as police shot automatic weapons at them and smoke billowed from explosions all across the city.

This incident comes precisely one week after Russia unleashed a huge two-day missile barrage over Ukrainian cities that damaged the nation’s water and energy supplies.

Taxi driver Sergiy Prikhodko claimed, They seem to be striking us every Monday now, as he waited for a fare near Kyiv’s main train station.

He told AFP that it’s a different way to start the week.

At around 6:35 a.m. (03:35 GMT), air raid sirens in Kyiv started to sound before the first explosion. These sirens were then heard throughout the majority of the nation.

The enemy terrorizes the populace of civilians day and night. Kamikaze drones and rockets are attacking the entire country of Ukraine. Even if the enemy attacks our cities, it will not be able to overthrow us Volodymyr Zelensky, the president, declared.

The capital’s Shevchenkivsky neighborhood’s residential building had been hit, according to Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv. He claimed that while 18 individuals had been saved, two more were still buried beneath the debris.

greater air defenses

Alexander Kamyshin, the director of the national railways, confirmed earlier assaults “near” the capital’s main rail terminal.

Increased air defense systems are required immediately. additional weapons to combat the opposition and defend the skies, Andriy Yermak, the chief of staff for Zelensky, posted on social media.

The Russians believe it would be advantageous to them, but it reveals their desperation, he added.

Russian drones and missiles, according to the Ukrainian military, are allegedly targeting towns and cities all around the nation. It calculated that Russian forces had launched almost 80 rocket attacks, two missile attacks, and 26 airstrikes.

The defense ministry released a supplementary statement that read, In the last 13 hours, the Ukrainian military shot down 37 Iranian Shahid-136 drones and three cruise missiles launched by Russian terrorists.

The drone attacks in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivsky area started a fire and destroyed several structures, according to Klitschko. He urged the populace to seek safety.

Also in his letter, he said, “The Russians think it would benefit them but it reveals their desperation.

According to the Ukrainian military, towns and cities across the nation are being targeted by Russian drones and missiles. According to the estimate, Russian forces launched more than 80 rocket attacks in addition to two missiles, 26 airstrikes, and two rocket attacks.

The Ukrainian military has shot down 37 Iranian Shahid-136 drones and three cruise missiles launched by Russian terrorists in the last 13 hours, according to a separate statement from the defense ministry.

Klitschko claimed in Kyiv that drone attacks in the Shevchenkivsky area started a fire and destroyed several buildings. He urged everyone to seek shelter.