Katrina Kaif keeps an account of the house’s expenses in the weekly meeting.

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal got married a short time ago, and their marriage was very much discussed because both of them are one of the most famous couples in Bollywood, and Katrina Kaif is considered the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. Wanted that whoever he married will be very lucky, and when Vicky Kaushal married him, he said at that time that he was also very lucky that he married Katrina Kaif, and both were very happy. Both of them completed this marriage inside the Udaipur Palace; although the news of their affair had been going on for a long time, they fulfilled their dreams by getting married.

Both are seen living together in a house in Mumbai, and both are very happy with each other and are very happy about their Bollywood career, as both have great films. At the same time, Vicky Kaushal will also be seen doing many Bollywood films, which is why he is a very famous actor in Bollywood at this time, and he is being offered many movies and is doing his best. He is also very serious about films and is seen doing excellent acting in films.

Vicky Kaushal said that Katrina Kaif takes complete care of the small expenses of the house.

Talking about her marriage, Vicky Kaushal said that Katrina Kaif takes care of all the expenses of her house after marriage, and she somehow keeps looking at the shortage inside the expenses and does not like to spend more. And after one week, she is seen calculating the total expenses, how much she has spent this week, she has spent on this thing; she writes them completely, and even after that, she keeps on paying attention to the same expenses. He gives and tries to reduce these expenses within the next week.

Vicky Kaushal said that he is open to spending like this. He spends too much, Katrina Kaif tries hard to stop it, and she has been successful in this effort because Vicky Kaushal’s Expenses have been reduced a lot. Now he runs, according to Katrina Kaif. He is seen doing what he says and trying his best to run his house correctly. And in this way, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are pleased in their life; they want to keep their happiness in front.